` N, Y R U Ratchet?
True Story

Sometimes I think about when I was younger and in grade school and how I was different back then. What’s funny is, I’m not all that different. Except in one (or two) instances. I thought I always wanted someone to love me. But I think I realize now, that It wasn’t that I wanted love. It was that I wanted someone to care about my heart. Someone to TAKE care of my heart instead of hurting it. I also realize the truth about others; no one gave a damn about how I was feeling…they cared if I was getting the right answers because they didn’t study and they cared if I hit the right notes when I belted my soul out on stages…but they didn’t give a damn about my heart. I might as well have been the Tin Man. The characters in the “Wizard of OZ” do exist. True Story. What’s my story now?


if you’re reading this i’m beautiful